Real estate transfers in Hancock County in May 2022

Real estate transactions

Muddy River News transaction information is obtained from Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration forms accompanying recorded documents. Dates provided may differ from actual transaction or recording dates. Further details may be obtained from the PTAX form or recorded documents. 

Ryanne Jacoby and Jacob Jacoby sold a residence at 332 Fourth Street in Carthage to Joel Kerr and Melissa Kerr for $159,900 on May 2. 

Ronald Hackney and Mary Hackney sold a residence at 404 N. Center in Augusta to Amanda Miller for $135,000 on May 2. 

Fred Gardner sold a residence at 623 S. C Street in La Harpe to Karen Smith for $20,000 on May 4. 

Michelle Keene sold a residence at 207 N. Franklin in Plymouth to Jurl Southerland and Nell Southerland for $5,654 on May 6.

Ross Hutson sold a residence at 216 Sycamore in Dallas City to Norman Grimstad Jr. and Joanna Grimstad for $83,000 on May 5.

Shawn Hamilton and Cindy Hamilton sold a residence at 205 E. Green in Augusta to Michael Thompson for $60,000 on May 4.

Rhonda Adcock sold a residence at 302 E. Main in Plymouth to Robert Wise and Julia Wise for $56,000 on May 6.

William Nason and Jill Nason sold a residence at 1175 E. County Road 500 in Sutter to Jacob Jacoby and Ryanne Jacoby for $331,500 on May 6. 

Cole Lanning sold a residence at 94 Center in Augusta to Nicholas Riker and Annie Riker for $75,000 on May 10.

Robert Manton sold a residence at 105 S. Maple in Elvaston to Dalton Hayes for $4,000 on May 4.

Lucas Brunenn and Kaylene Brunenn sold a residence at 106 S. Clermont in Bowen to Gage Scharnhorst and Syeira Scharnhorst for $75,000 on May 11.

Nicholas Riker and Annie Riker sold a residence at 402 E. Third in Bowen to Elma Czyzewski for $45,000 on May 10.

Randy Douglas and Kathy Douglas sold a residence at 875 E. State Highway 96 in Nauvoo to Bradley Stanton and Susan Stanton on August 14. 

North Illinois Investments, LLC sold a residence at 400 S. Third in La Harpe to Tyrone Ledford and Gabriela Ledford for $2,800 on May 13.

James Davis and Frances Davis sold a residence at 850 Church in Hamilton to Drake Ellingboe for $67,500 on April 28. 

Trevor Swisegood sold a residence at 850 N. County Road 2900 in Plymouth to Brian Hilliard and Christy Hilliard for $114,000 on May 13. 

The estate of Keith Martens sold a residence at 180 E. Fourth in Dallas City to Robert Dowell and Joani Dowell for $66,500 on May 18. 

The estate of Joann Schafroth sold a residence at 13 Hickory Lane in Nauvoo to Roland Northup and Nancy Northup for $160,000 on May 20.

Parrish Young and Brenda Young sold a residence at 106 Parkway Drive in Carthage to MLJC Ventures, LLC for $49,000 on May 20. 

Robert Shutwell and Linda Shutwell sold a residence at 107 W. First Avenue in La Harpe to the Cynthia E. Irish Trust for $110,000 on May 20.

Marsha Wright sold a residence at 1400 LeClaire in Warsaw to Nicholas Deichmueller and Karly Deichmueller for $135,000 on May 20.

Teresa Russell sold a residence at 116 N. Adams in Carthage to MLJC Ventures, LLC for $15,000 on May 20.

The estate of Jerome Kremer sold a residence at 107 Parkway Drive in Carthage to TS Real Estate Holdings, LLC for $122,500 on May 25.

Kaleb Hamlet and Rachel Hamlet sold a residence at 450 Alvord in Hamilton to Andrew Harris and Allyson Gibson for $128,000 on May 10.

Wesley Olson sold a residence at 400 E. First Avenue in La Harpe to Titta Duval for $49,000 on May 26.

Charles Leese Jr. and Linda Leese Family Trust sold a residence at 2975 E. County Road 2080 in Blandinsville to Aaron Eggleston and Julie Eggleston for $75,000 on May 18.

Kyle Sherburne and Kelsey Sherburne sold a residence at 1061 Oak in Hamilton to Ryan Jacob and Heather Johnson for $75,000 on May 31.

Mary Ann Swain sold a 21.27-acre farm in Fountain Green to Dustin Reed and Katherine Reed for $25,000 on May 20.

Frank Christian and Trudy Agnew sold a 12.11-acre farm in St. Mary to Landon Guymon and Sara Guymon for $157,430 on May 16.

Bradley Koehler sold a 90.8-acre farm in Wythe to Kyle Althide and Margaret Althide for $727,500 on May 23.

Bradley Koehler sold a 90.8-acre farm in Wythe to Kody Althide and Jessica Althide for $727,500 on May 23. 

The Mildred Maxine McKee Estate sold a 20-acre farm in Hancock to Pat Bolen for $220,248 on May 10.

Thomas Wright sold a 50.7-acre farm in St. Mary to Robert Hensley for $253,500 on May 19.

Michael Wood and Sharon Wood sold a 231.5-acre farm in Appanoose to Jamie Kaminski and Tamara Kaminski for $1,500,000 on May 19.

The estate of Donald Siegrist sold an 84.61-acre farm in Montebello to Clayton Hulen and Kerry Green for $400,000 on May 24.

Pamela Brookhart sold a 91.35-acre farm in Rocky Run-Wilcox to Gary Nichols and Kevin Nichols of Warsaw for $30,000 on May 31. 

Sharmack Propeties, LLC sold a commercial property at 40 Iowa Street in Nauvoo to Lewis Clark and Maureen Clark for $150,000 on April 4. 

Robert Buss and Nancy Buss sold a beauty shop at 606 Main in Augusta to Justin Sheley and Jesslyn Sheley for $15,000 on April 13. 

Kevin Mershon and Madison Mershon sold an office at 411 Arbor in Niota to Maxamillions, Inc. for $42,000 on April 18.

Jeremiah McQueen and Cathy McQueen sold a bar and apartment at 304 Main in Warsaw to Alyssa Kelly for $60,000 on April 20.

Tray Allensworth sold a commercial property at 101 E. Fifth in Bowen to Tyler Burton for $88,000 on April 29.

Musick Land and Cattle, LLC sold a commercial property at 99 W. Green in Augusta to Jeffrey Musick for $200,000 on May 23.

Shirley Dietrich and Daniel Dietrich sold a commercial property at 1906 Keokuk in Hamilton to Brent Reneau and Emilee Reneau for $7,500 on May 25.

Wisehart Capital, LLC sold an apartment building at 1116 Walnut and a duplex at 907 Main in Carthage to Bryer Belshaw and Julie Graff for $210,000 on May 31. 

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