Springtime garden trivia about daffodils


MACOMB, Ill. — It seems like everyone is doing trivia these days. To celebrate the coming spring, I am trying my hand at writing some gardening trivia questions. Good luck!

1. When admiring spring bulbs, a horticulturist exclaims “Look at that Narcissus.” What are they referring to?

  • A handsome Greek man that plays acoustic guitar
  • A tulip with an unreasonably high sense of importance
  • A daffodil

2. Why are daffodils planted in everyone’s yard?

  • Because they are the best
  • Deer don’t eat them
  • Rabbits don’t eat them
  • Because the daffodils were planted 10,000 years ago and just won’t die
  • Options B, C, D

3. Why are my daffodils not blooming?

  • They are tired of competing with the superior spring bulbs. Typical narcissus
  • They need to be divided
  • Someone cut their foliage too soon the last year and the plants couldn’t gain enough energy to produce blooms
  • Why is this all about daffodils? Are you trying to teach us something?
  • Options B and C

4. What’s wrong with daffodils?

  • All plant parts are poisonous, hence why nothing eats it
  • The sap will burn your eyes, so wash your hands after handling
  • Is this the last daffodil question?
  • Yes, I promise
  • Both A and B

5. What’s the best part about spring?

  • The daffodils
  • All the snakes wake up
  • Green!
  • Realizing that once again you ordered too many seeds and plants
  • All the above

6. What are the best snakes for your garden?

  • Gardener Snakes
  • Garter Snakes
  • Gardner Snakes
  • Snake Plissken
  • Red-bellied snake (loves to eat slugs and snails)
  • All snakes are great!

7. Why are snakes more active in the spring?

  • Snakes are still working on their New Year’s resolutions early in the year
  • They are emerging from their hibernaculum, are hungry, and ready to mate
  • They want to know how your winter was and what you’re planting in the garden this year
  • If the rest of these are going to be snake questions, let’s go back to daffodils

8. What is my favorite early-spring yellow flowering plant?

  • Dandelion
  • You thought I liked daffodils?

Okay, maybe my career path should steer clear of writing trivia questions. Hopefully, you enjoyed a little levity and learned a couple of things about daffodils and snakes. The answers to these questions plus pretty spring pictures can be found online at the Good Growing blog at go.illinois.edu/GoodGrowing

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