‘Your boys will realize that their father did not love them’

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QUINCY — Tim Bliefnick had no words and no expression as he listened to people he once called family ask how he could’ve killed the mother of his children.

Six members of Becky Bliefnick’s family gave victim impact statements at Tim Bliefnick’s sentencing before Judge Robert Adrian sent him to prison for the rest of his natural life.

Becky Bliefnick’s mother, Bernadette Postle, gave the first victim impact statement.

“When you murdered their mother, you took away the person who loved them the most,” she said. “Your soul is black with hate and you should never be allowed to be free again.”

One of Becky’s aunts, Terri Schultz, talked about being at all of Tim and Becky’s sacraments through the Catholic Church, saying he ignored his vows.

“You promised to accept children lovingly from God and bringing them up in the face of Jesus Christ,” she said. “But there was not the only time you make empty promises before God and before that. And before all the other witnesses of family and friends once again standing before God during the baptism when he was done. Not only did you vow to reject Satan and all his works, and all his empty promises, you promised to follow the covenant that was made for you and your baptism to proclaim the works of God and learn indeed, to serve following the example of Jesus Christ and set an example for Deacon, Grayson and Arlin.

“Instead of holding her hand, you shot 14 bullets into her. Your boys now see a coward for their father.”

One of Becky’s cousins, Chris Schultz, spoke for the rest of her cousins, who all carried Becky’s casket on the day she was buried.

“Grief seeps into every crevice of our lives,” he said. “Even the smallest daily interactions, like when her name and photos still appear in our family group text … Our lives are forever altered, scarred by the loss of someone we cherish taken from us.”

Tim and Becky’s brother-in-law, Brett Reilly, raised his voice throughout his statement, focusing on the lives his three nephews now have to live.

“Did you think for even a split second, about five-year-old Arlin as you stood over his beloved mommy riddling her helpless body with 14 bullets,” Brett Reilly said. “Arlin, who profoundly misses his Mommy and whose life is now forever altered in unfair, unfathomable ways by losing his Mommy, who was 1,000 times more to him than Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and all the Transformers combined.

“Did you think about 10-year-old Grayson as you charged down his hallway, chasing his defenseless Mommy on route to slaughter his entire world? Grayson, who wakes up in the middle of the night crying out for his mommy who now will never come running. Did you think about 12-year-old Deacon, as you broke through his window with a crowbar climbed into his bedroom on your way to murder his Mommy, his first love and his loudest cheerleader at all of his ballgames.

“Do you realize that you not only fired your gun at Becky but you also fired at Deacon, Grayson, Arlin, Bill, Bernie, Sarah, myself, dozens of family members and hundreds of friends, colleagues, patients and members of the Christian community who are now forever reeling from the loss of their mother, their daughter, their sister, their cousin, their friend? Their devoted nurse? You had zero right to sentence our beloved Becky to death.”

Brett’s wife, Sarah, Becky’s sister, also detailed her fears of the struggles facing the three young boys.

“They are already suffering, crying for their mother that they would wish would walk through the door to take them home to the life they once knew and loved,” Sarah said. “The raw grief that they now feel will change over time. And we hope that with our guidance, they will transform into acceptance and forgiveness because that will mean that they have chosen to live, not with the scars and wounds that are too deep.

“It may evolve into their own depression or suicidal behavior … maybe you should have Googled childhood PTSD in between your searches.

“Your children will never be able to escape their hearing the about their father and mother and they will be judged. They already often are. Do you realize how cruel kids can be? Growing up is hard enough without the emotional baggage they now carry and the scrutiny that will forever surround them. Is your narcissism a family trait that only passed down through your genes or through their experiences with you as their father? … They may forever have a fear of abandonment or they may avoid relationships altogether believing that they do not deserve love.

“And much worse. They may fear that they’ll turn into you.”

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