Daily Dirt: After hot fudge, all other flavors are simply playing for second place


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Daily Dirt for Sept. 1, 2021

Mmmmmm … even the thought of a hot fudge sundae makes by taste buds stand up and take notice. Hot fudge is one of the genuine gifts of nature, much like the Daily Dirt. Welcome to Vol. 54 of the daily three thoughts:

1. The best kind of toppings for ice cream sundaes?

 A. Hot fudge: This is the gold standard. Every other topping bows in reverence. Add some coconut on top and enjoy.”

The genius about the hot chocolate fudge topping is that it will complement virtually every flavor,” according to the restaurantclicks.com website. Genius? Oh yes. Ohhhhh yes.But there are days when hot fudge might not be option, or your palate simply desires something different.

In that case, may I suggest:

B. Strawberry: This is, by far, the best of the fruity possibilities. Whipped cream with any berry choice is a can’t-miss option.

C. Chocolate. This is hot fudge minus the steroids, but equally enjoyable.

D. Butterscotch: About once a year I get in the mood for this, usually in the fall or winter. 

E. Creme de menthe: Like butterscotch, creme de menthe is a once-every-so-often choice.

Bottom line? After hot fudge, everything else is simply playing for the silver medal.

2. Samuel L. Jackson is The Man. A bit foul-mouthed at times, but still The Man. Jackson, 72, has the honor of generating more money than any other actor in history, based on the cumulative U.S. box office totals of all the movies he has had a starring/lead role in during his lifetime.Among the hit films Jackson has gained popularity through are “Pulp Fiction” and “The Avengers” series, Here’s a look at the top 10:

A. Samuel L. Jackson, $5.70 billion (63 films)

B. Robert Downey Jr., $5.47 billion (43)

C. Scarlett Johannson, $5.10 billion (29)

D. Tom Hanks $5.04 billion (52)

E. Bradley Cooper, $4.29 billion (27)

F. Harrison Ford, $4.05 billion (42)

G. Chris Evans, $3.97 billion (26)

H. Tom Cruise, $3.96 billion (43)

I. Chris Hemsworth, $3.95 billion (25)

J. Zoe Saldana, $3.94 billion (28)

Figures were provided by the-numbers.com.

3. Left-handers make up only 10 percent of the population. Here are some of the most famous southpaws currently living among us:

Oprah Winfrey

Paul McCartney

Barack Obama

Angelina Jolie

Keanu Reeves

Lady Gaga

Bill Gates

Julia Roberts

Morgan Freeman

Spike Lee


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