Daily Dirt: Jim, Dusty and Diana lead the list of favorites


Daily Dirt for Nov. 7, 2021

We’ve been together now for four months, and may I say it’s a pleasure to share three thoughts with you each day through the Daily Dirt. Welcome to Vol. 120.

1. Let’s have a good-natured discussion. i think you’ll enjoy it, especially those of you who feel the 1960s represented the finest decade in music history. I’ll provide my thoughts in the coming paragraphs, and see if you agree:

Best male singers: 1. Jim Morrison (Doors), 2. Tom Jones, 3. John Lennon (Beatles), 4. Dean Martin (remember, we’re including the entire decade).

Best female singers: 1. Dusty Springfield, 2. Aretha Franklin, 3. Ronnie Spector, 4. Petula Clark.

Best male groups (excluding Beatles, Rolling Stones): 1. Doors, 2. Dave Clark Five. 3. Monkees, 4. Bee Gees.

Best  female groups: 1. Diana Ross and the Supremes, 2. The Ronettes, 3. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, 4. The Shirelles.

Best bubblegum groups: 1. Archies, 2. Ohio Express, 3. Tommy James and the Shondells, 4. 1910 Fruitgum Company.

Best hard rock groups: 1. Cream, 2. Jimi Hendrix Experience, 3. Steppenwolf, 4. Led Zeppelin.

Best duets: 1. Simon and Garfunkel, 2. Chad and Jeremy, 3. Peter and Gordon, 4. Righteous Brothers.

Best albums (excluding the Beatles and Rolling Stones): 1. “The Supremes Greatest Hits” (double album), 2. “Best of the Bee Gees”, 3. “Are You Experienced?” (Jimi Hendrix), 4. “Tommy” (The Who).

Best TV music shows: 1. “Shindig”, 2. “American Bandstand”, 3. “Hullabaloo”, 4. “The Lloyd Thaxton Show.”

2. For the record, my five favorite foods at a Chinese restaurant:

  • 1. Sichuan beef: Just spicy enough to make things interesting.
  • 2. Fried shrimp with cashew nuts: The best of two worlds.
  • 3. Wonton soup: I’m not really positive what those things are, but they sure are good.
  • 4. Spring rolls: I’m pretty sure they taste the same in the summer, fall and winter.
  • 5. Fried rice: The kind that includes bits of scrambled eggs and a variety of veggies.

3. The Daily Dirt recently featured some of the best-ever advertising slogans that were popularized in TV commercials, a little ditty that proved popular with our readership.

Here are some of the responses from some readers who felt we overlooked some of their own personal favorites:

  • “Does she or doesn’t she?” (Clairol): I think my wife is a Lady Clairol girl. Or is that supposed to be a secret?
  • “So easy a caveman can do it.” (Geico): Remember the ill-fated TV show featuring those same cavemen? The commercials were around much longer than that series.
  • “Nothing runs like a Deere.” (John Deere): I know absolutely nothing about tractors, other than those John Deeres are the best looking.
  • “Good to the last drop.” (Maxwell House): For the race fans out there, remember when Maxwell House sponsored Sterling Marlin’s No. 22 ride in NASCAR?
  • “Taste the rainbow.” (Skittles): I have, many times.
  • “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” (Timex): This one goes back a few years, but it’s still a classic.
  • “Snap! Krackle! Pop!” (Rice Krispies): I always preferred the sugar-coated Rice Krinkles.
  • “It gives you wings.” (Red Bull): I’ve never tasted an energy drink.
  • “When it rains, it pours.” (Morton Salt): I love salt on about anything, but am not much of a pepper person.
  • “We bring good things to life.” (General Electric): And I’m glad GW does, especially computers and keyboards that make exercises like this possible.

Steve Fact O’ The Day
Steve never met a wonton he didn’t appreciate.

Steve Eighinger writes daily for Muddy River News. He also takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

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