Daily Dirt: Pass the jellied moose nose, please


Daily Dirt for Sept. 2, 2021

Think twice before you ever again complain about your wife’s cooking. Just remember, she can always serve you jellied moose nose the next time around. Grab the Tums, and then enjoy today’s three thoughts in Vol. 55 of the Daily Dirt:

1. If you haven’t got a strong stomach, you may seriously want to just skip the first thought. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.The next time you are downing a Big Mac or Whopper, just remember somewhere on the planet there is someone likely devouring one of the following three items:

Jellied moose nose: It’s pretty much what that says. This, for some reason, is a traditional Alaskan dish and also eaten in parts of Canada. It consists of cutting off a moose’s snout, boiling it until the hair can be removed and then boiling it again until becomes as soft as — drum roll, please — jelly. Ugh.

Jellied Moose Nose: No…way…in…Hell…(Photo: CBC.CA)

Mongolian boodog: Years ago, Mongolians came up with a rather unique way of preparing goats and marmots (a big rodent). They cook these animals from the inside out by hanging them upside down, breaking the legs, letting the blood come out and filling the torso with hot stones. The final result, according to the foodhog.com, is a disgusting-looking barbecue meat called “boodog.”

Blowing up a goat for dinner? Sure, why not?

Mice wine: This is technically a drink, but stay with me on this … this has been prepared for centuries in China and Korea, and it includes infusing rice wine with baby mice and letting the mix ferment for a year. When served, the wine is consumed and the mice (or whatever is left of them) are eaten.

We apologize if you feel as sick as we do after looking at all of this.

2. Three crazy facts on this September day:

A. Some McDonald’s restaurants once offered bubblegum-flavored broccoli.

B. Elephants are the only mammal on earth that cannot jump. I may question this. Have you ever seen the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball?

C. It is impossible to lick your elbow. (Admit it, you’re going to try.)

3. For those wondering, 3.21 percent of all U.S. births are now twins. That’s according to the CDC, which also reports that women 35 and older are most likely to give birth to twins. Boy-girl twins are the most common. The least likely is boy-boy.

Steve Eighinger writes for Muddy River News, although his “Minister of Culture” credentials are under review after sending in those three disgusting food items. Blech!

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