DAILY DIRT: Who drops the most on-screen f-bombs?


F-bomb outtakes of Ashley Conrad and Brittany Boll doing Daily Muddy and Club Muddy would far surpass anything Pesci or Jackson have produced. — Photo by J. Robert Gough

Daily Dirt for Thursday, April 25, 2024

I’ll tell you right now, your first guess is wrong … Welcome to today’s three thoughts that make up Vol. 930 of The Daily Dirt.

1. Which actor has dropped the most F-bombs in cinematic history?

Hint: It’s NOT Samuel L. Jackson.

A website called crossword-solver.io tracks such things, and the winner is (drum roll, please) … Joe Pesci, who has used the F-word 271 times on the silver screen. But in fairness to Pesci, 241 of those F-bombs were dropped in the movie “Casino”.

Here’s a look at the all-time leaders:

  • 1. Joe Pesci, 271
  • 2. Al Pacino, 197
  • 3-tie. Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame), 183
  • 3-tie. Jonah Hill, 183
  • 5. Leonardo DiCaprio, 144.

Somewhat surprisingly, Jackson only registers in 20th place with 85. (Personally, I’m thinking we need a recount.)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Outtakes of Daily Muddy and Club Muddy would far surpass anything Pesci or Jackson have produced. JRG.

The website also tracks s-bombs, and the leader in that department is Denzel Washington with 84, the majority coming in “Training Day”. Here’s the top five for the s-word:

  • 1. Denzel Washington, 85
  • 2. Seth Rogen, 80
  • 2-tie. Jason Mewes, 80
  • 4-tie. Samuel L. Jackson, 58
  • 4-tie. Ben Affleck, 58

2. Even though we do not have a new No. 1 vanity license plate in this year’s Great Plate Debate, there were certainly some good finds by our readers.

Alas, the medal winners held steadfast:

Gold medal: CO XIST 

Silver medal: S-EVAN

Bronze medal: US-MALE

Here were some of the past week’s best discoveries:

  • 1 NOONE
  • ZRO RGRT 1
  • BUCS 10
  • TIZZY 6
  • QU SUE 1
  • QUEENB 3
  • 1 L JESS
  • CLING 7
  • ALL NU 1
  • LIKES 17
  • STOTSY 1
  • PHINS 10
  • 1 MOMED
  • ROG
  • JDY JDY 1

3. Judging by the following, I’d have to say it was one of the better weeks for “Found on Facebook”:

  • “My ultimate goal is to be that old person that everyone is afraid to take out in public.”
  • “Someone called the Kentucky Derby ‘Amish NASCAR’ and my day hasn’t been the same since.”
  • “Welcome to Facebook. Please be patient — someone will disagree with you shortly.”
  • “Do regular dogs see police dogs and think, ‘Oh no, it’s a cop!”
  • “Today is Husband Appreciation Day — a day to show your wonderful husbands just how much you love them and are grateful for everything they do.” (By the way, this should truly be a national holiday.)

Steve Thought O’ The Day — I saw a great quote the other day: “Pressure is a privilege. It means things are expected of you.” 

Steve Eighinger writes daily for Muddy River News. The only pressure he feels is when he’s making his daily lunch location selection.

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