Duncan: Google is getting snappy with me


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Google is mad at me.

I don’t even know what I did, except that I asked directions to a place less than two blocks away. I was just making sure I had the right street. Instead of a map popping up, Google was short with me.

“Turn left on Veterans and right on Hospital Drive. Your destination is on the left.”

That was it. Didn’t even check and see if I got there.

Maybe Google is tired. Like sometimes it just wants to shout out in pure frustration. “FOR REAL. Why do you even care if an Emu can fly?”

Maybe my Google wishes it would have been purchased by someone with higher aspirations than looking up the Star Wars theme music 55 times in one day — because Logan got on a kick.

Perhaps it wants to deliver the information that will catch a serial killer or find the cure to cancer.

Maybe Google wants to lead me around Europe, although I’m not sure how my service would be there.

But here we are, Google. We have arrived. Two blocks away from where we started, which feels fairly consistent with my life.

It’s OK, because there was beautiful scenery along the way.

I might look at it every single day, but if I see it with fresh eyes, then it it really is breathtaking.

That’s what I’ve learned.

Life is beautiful only depending on how you look at it, what turns you decide to take and how much you bother to really see.

I hope my Google can find some purpose in the stupid questions I ask it.

It’s like when I’m writing a post and ask it how to spell the word “bureau” after butchering it so badly to start with that Google was like, “HUH?! What are you even going for here?”

It just happened again when I wrote the last paragraph. I just have a mental block with that word.

This is our life, Google. Suck it up. And don’t get snappy.

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