Duncan: We are damaged, but Jesus is the restorer


Shawn's 1959 Ford Fairlane before he and our boys restored it. | Megan Duncan

When thinking about our value as a human, I think God sees us the same way my husband looks at the ’59 Fairlane he’s restoring in our garage.

He sees the rust and the dents and scrapes, but he has a vision. He knows beauty is underneath the many years of damage, and He wants to take it all apart and put it back together.

That’s who we are to God.

We are damaged, but He is a restorer.

There is no Kelly Blue Book value on a human. God made us all. Jesus paid full price for our salvation, knowing there was a long list of things needing fixed.

And I see His hands at work regularly.

I’ve skidded into Him dented and all scratched up with a heart in need of serious repair.

I am not proud of everything I have been.

I’ve lied to get my way. I said my great aunt from Minnesota was in town to get out of going to a wedding. I have pretended to be someone I’m not just to make friends. I have back-stabbed. I have hurt people. I have put myself first (before God even). I have not always treated my neighbor the way I’ve wanted to be treated.

God overhauls every part of us when we let Him. He restores our hearts and transforms our minds.

That’s right, friends. Jesus knew I was a lemon when He bought me, yet I am His. He knew the upkeep and maintenance I would require and that I’d break down at all the wrong times.

But He delights in me. He admires the work of His hands — which is the very core of who we are.

Now I’m just hoping He will do some work on my rear bumper.

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