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The reception of Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports since our start in April 2021 has been nothing short of amazing.  Thanks to our advertisers who make our e-media publications possible and to our readers.

Just think, in a year and half, more than one million unique IP addresses (internet protocol addresses) have accessed our site. This isn’t happenstance. It’s because we have assembled a team of great folks to provide you with content. Bob Gough, David Adam, Matt Schuckman, Steve Eighinger, Ashley Conrad, Don Crim, Brittany Boll, Ron Kinscherf, Frankie Murphy Giesing, Jim Dewey, along many who occasionally submit items or letters, have made this possible.  Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports are local content leaders.  

We are repeatedly asked when we will start a “pay wall” requiring subscription.  That’s not our plan. We follow an advertising model. As long as our readers keep reading and support our advertisers, they should support our local news and sports.  We also have received and welcomed financial contributions, whatever the size.

Improvements of Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports are coming in a few weeks to make our sites even better and more accessible. In meantime, how can you get the most out of Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports?

Subscribe to Our Newsletter

We have a free newsletter.  Just sign up and get a newsletter each morning. [https://muddyrivernews.com/muddy-river-news-daily-edition/]

Some readers have mentioned that they have signed up for the newsletter and continue to receive invites on the same device.  Close the pop-up and refresh your browser. That should take care of it.

Add Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports home screens

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone, you can add an easy link on your phone’s home screen.  If you don’t know how to do that, click here to and follow these directions. If you still can’t get it, ask your youthful child and grandchild.  Or send us an email at news@muddyrivernews.com and provide your telephone number, and we will call to work through it with you.  

Follow Muddy River News and Muddy Rivers Sports on social media

We post plenty of content on social media.  A good way to get updated information is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

Don’t forget our podcasts

Many of our interviews are now being posted as podcasts.  You can link these on the Apple App Site or Spotify.

Computers provide a great view of our sites

A great number of our readers follow us on their smart phones. Always a great way! If you haven’t done so, take a look on your full screen computer or tablet.  Muddy River News is at www.muddyrivernews.com, and Muddy River Sports is at www.muddyriversports.com. Be careful. You might get hooked.

Share the news of Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports with family, friends

Much of our success has resulted from folks asking others whether they had read or seen something on Muddy River News or Muddy River Sports. Telling your family and friends about us is important. Keep it up.

Don’t forget our video content, interviews

We are a multi-platform e-media company. Don’t just read our stories. Look at our growing video content and interviews. There’s more to come in the future with Muddy River TV+.

We accept news releases, letters and other content

We welcome for consideration news releases, letters and other content. Consider submitting something you’d like to share.

Keep enjoying Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports

However you wish to get the most out of Muddy River News and Muddy River Sports … just keep it up.  We are building a great brand for our area.

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