Letter to the Editor: Let’s spend more time making this world a place where it’s safe to go to sleep

Allison Huber

Allison Huber | Screen grab courtesy of City of Quincy Facebook livestream

Two caveats toward Quincy City Council aldermen using their governmental offices to continue seeking an overturn of the Reproductive Health Act in Illinois:

1. A large part of what bothers me so much is people claiming to be so “pro-life” do so with such a feeling of self-satisfaction that they are morally superior in their reasoning. If that’s you, please know, you are not. You are not. Don’t feel that way. You aren’t. We can be equal if you want.

2. A second part of why this bothers me so much is that you sit there and say we can’t figure out safe housing because it’s a big problem that costs too much. We can’t figure out how to make DCFS at least baseline safe to the level that our local branch doesn’t keep getting audited because, and I paraphrase, s**t’s continually f***ed, because that’s too big of a problem to address.

We can’t staff our schools enough that students in primary grades have full curriculums, because that’s too big of a problem. There’s no way we are going to be concerned about the thousands of children who woke up today in literal (for profit) prisons (that Ron DeSantis, and I assume others as well, will not allow Departments of Education to even assess, let alone attempt to educate those children).

Their only crime is desperately trying to flee an area of the world the United States continuously bombed, for decades — because, oh my God, do you even see how overwhelming that issue is? Wouldn’t it just be easier to convince our population to demonize those dirty “illegals” and make sure as many of them as possible die of dehydration in the desert before they get here by making giving them water a crime?

(That was sarcasm. I do not hold the belief that Central American refugees are in any way less worthy of respect that any other person in this world.)

But no. You chose “women.” You decided the thing that you feel comfortable asserting immediate control over to be women.

You’re not going to talk about helping the farmers in Afghanistan whose crops the United States burned, who bought the seed for that crop from people who steal their children if they don’t get repaid.

You’re not going to talk about curbing how the children in Yemen are dying every single day because there is zero food and next to zero medical care.

You’re not ready to make ordinances that would help children inside the very, very limited boundaries of our own city cease to live in unsafe conditions.

You’re not ready to try to fix any of that.

What you’re going to try to fix is “women,” which is ironic because the United States has been involved in performing forced non-consensual hysterectomy procedures on women — literally “fixing” them, as it were.

Wake. Up. 

Fault me for being so “woke”? Well. I would like to see how you fight in your sleep.

Probably just as well as the women who are sleeping when people (always men, by the way, because that’s how nature works) put their bodies inside of these women’s bodies, and the result is a pregnancy. I guess if they didn’t want to get pregnant, they shouldn’t have had sex. That’s just as cut and dry as it is, isn’t it?

If you aren’t a fan of “woke culture,” then why don’t you spend a little less time shaming and controlling women and a little more time making this world a place where it’s safe to go to sleep?

Allison Huber
Quincy, Illinois

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