Letter to the Editor: Troup overlooked key issues regarding police chief search investigation

Steve Meckes

Steve Meckes

I am writing to share my thoughts regarding Mayor (Mike) Troup’s recent comments to Muddy River News regarding the Police Chief search investigation. While Troup may have some valid points, I believe several key issues have been overlooked and need to be addressed.

First, Troup’s comments regarding the whistleblower are concerning. While he may have stated that the complaint was initiated by a “whistleblower,” he failed to mention that this individual was a candidate for the police chief position. As someone who has served on the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners for the City of Quincy for nine years, the competency we valued most was the courage to call out wrongdoing without fear or favor. The whistleblower has the protection of the Whistleblower Protection Act and the protection of the union, so there should be no fear of retaliation. It is important for the public to see how the process was conducted and why certain decisions were made.

Second, Troup’s decision to hire a high-priced law firm to conduct an investigation without first conducting a preliminary assessment is concerning. As someone who has spent 40 years in senior human resources positions, I know that it is important to gather information from all parties involved before making a decision. To date, there has been no discussion with the police chief, police department leadership or the Board of Fire and Police Commission to get a response to the complaint. The city has access to the mayor’s administrative assistant (Jeff Mays), a director of human resources and a staff of attorneys who could have conducted a preliminary assessment to determine the validity of the complaint.

Third, Troup’s decision not to periodically call the investigator for an update on the investigation is questionable. As someone who has worked with many lawyers during my career, I believe it is important to stay informed and up-to-date on the progress of an investigation. It has been more than four months since the complaint was filed, and yet no one in police department leadership or the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners has been contacted regarding the complaint or investigation.

Last, given Troup’s previous actions and comments regarding previous Police Chief (Rob) Copley, current Police Chief (Adam) Yates, certain candidates for the police chief position and his conflict with the Board of Fire and Police Commission, it is important for him to be more transparent and forthcoming about this issue. The complaint and investigation create questions about the legitimacy of Yates’ appointment and the fairness of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. These questions are not healthy for the City of Quincy and need to be addressed.

In conclusion, I urge the City Council to investigate this matter further and ensure the process is conducted in a transparent and fair manner. The public deserves to know the truth, and it is important to restore trust in the Quincy Police Department and the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

Steve Meckes
Former Commissioner
Board of Fire and Police Commission

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